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Aji Mirza HakimĀ 

Jikustik's band career cannot be separated from Icha's big name.

The name Aji Mirza Hakim or who is familiarly called Icha cannot be separated from Jikustik, the band that raised his name and which he still plays to this day.

Born October 11, 1976, apart from being a bassist, Icha is also known as a songwriter, both from Jikustik and several songs popularized by other singers.

Before joining Jikustik, Icha had joined a band called Dizzy with Adhit `Jikustik` and Eross `Sheila on 7`. Their music group often performs at school and campus events. Dizzy performed rock n roll to top 40 songs with Icha as the vocalist.

Joining Jikustik as a bass player, Icha is also active in creating songs besides Pongki Barata. A series of songs in Jikustik's album discography from the beginning until today are the result of Icha's writing, such as "Jangan Pernah Kau Layu" (2001), "Tak Pantas Untukmu" (2003), "Lanjutkan Hidupmu" (2006) and "Dia Harus Tahu" (2008).

Outside Jikustik, Icha has also written songs for other singers ranging from Rossa, Bunga Citra Lestari, Krisdayanti, 3Diva and many more and not a few have become hits, one of which is the song "Cobalah Bertahan" sung by Sheila Madjid and "Tak Sanggup Lagi" popularized by Rossa.

At the end of 2005, Icha tried to have a solo career in between Jikustik. She released her first solo album entitled Yang Jauh Di Sana under the Warner Music label. In the album, Icha appeared as a singer and producer. The album itself involved many musicians from Pay 'BIP', Tohpati, Denny Chasmala, Tio Adrian, Carlo `Jikustik', Rere `ADA Band', and Stefan Santoso. In 2010, Icha released her second album titled Bintang Yang Bersinar.

To this day, Icha is still actively running JIkustik and writing songs that are popularized for other musicians.