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Andra Junaidi Ramadhan

Hearing the name Andra Ramadhan, of course, cannot be separated from the hit and evergreen songs he played with the Dewa19 group. Besides of course the hits he wrote and played with Andra & The Backbone.

Born on June 17, 1972, Andra Junaidi Ramadhan has had a professional music career since he joined Ahmad Dhani and formed Dewa19. Together with Dewa, Andra traversed the twists and turns of the dynamics of the Indonesian music journey with the musical colors summarized in the songs and albums made by Dewa19 since 1992 until today.

In the midst of Dewa19's vacuum, Andra was invited to join Ahmad Dhani in a music project called Ahmad Band. Together with two former Slank personnel: Pay and Bongky and former Dewa19 drummer, Bimo, Ahmad Band released its debut album, Ideologi Sikap dan Otak in 1998.

One year later in 1999, Andra was invited by Ahmad Dhani to be involved in the Kuldesak movie soundtrack project. The works that became a mini album with the same title as the movie were released under the duo Ahmad Dhani & Andra Ramadhan.

Apart from being with Dewa19, Andra also has another music project called Andra & The Backbone with guitarists Stevie Item and Dedy Lisan.

Andra Ramadhan is known as a calm guitarist, although his style of playing is something that is often followed by many Indonesian guitarists. Andra is good at finding catchy guitar notes and licks that stick to the ears of Indonesian music. Many of Dewa19 and Andra & The Backbone's songs are known for Andra Ramadhan's signature melodies. .

Apart from being with Dewa and Andra & The Backbone, Andra also works as a writer, arranger with Denny Chasmala and Zendhy Kusuma.

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