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Apart from Galang Rambu Anarki, Tony Vialy's name is an important figure in the Bunga band's journey.

Tony Vialy's name cannot be released in the journey of Bunga band. Together with the late Galang Rambu Anarki (guitar), Danial (bass), Oka (drums) and Erry (guitar), Tony formed Bunga in 1996. Not only the vocalist of the band, Tony also helped in the writing process of Bunga's songs, including the hits "Kasih Jangan Kau Pergi" and "Ojo Ngono".

The raspy rock character is clearly visible in Tony's vocals, which are influenced by the colors of Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam. Tony's vocal character, in addition to the guitar playing and sound produced by Galang Rambu Anarki, forms the hallmark of Bunga which is full of alternative rock influences.

Having released 3 studio albums before finally taking a hiatus, Bunga was back since 2015 and made an album titled Dari Teman Untuk Teman.