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Ari Lesmana

Ari Lesmana is a complete person: musician, songwriter and performer with a strong character.

Ari Lesmana's name cannot be separated from the band Fourtwnty, for many years he has been the vocalist of the band that raised his name. Ari Lesmana is also known as a vocalist with a unique singing style and gesture that characterizes his performance on stage.
His interest in music began when he learned to record in a music studio, which helped him to earn an independent income. His recording skills were honed until in 2010 he began to pioneer his music career through the group Fourtwnty, which he still pursues to this day.

Even with Fourtwnty, he had an unpleasant time. The group was rejected by many labels until they went on their own by recording their songs simply. Until finally when the song "Aku Tenang" was released, it immediately catapulted Fourtwnty's name and began to be noticed by the music industry.

Fourtwnty's name became more widely known after a song from their second album, Ego & Brain Function (2018) titled "Comfort Zone" was chosen as the soundtrack of the movie Filosofi Kopi 2: Ben & Jodi in 2017. The song instantly catapulted Fourtwnty's name into the national music scene. Their second album is also on the rise.

In addition to his unique singing style and gestures, Ari Lesmana is also known for his distinctive songwriting and singing style, voice and storytelling techniques that make the songs he writes easily digested by his many fans. The songs are written with honest lyrics from his daily life experiences.

To date, Fourtwnty has released two studio albums, Lelaku (2015) and Ego & Fungsi Otak (2018) as well as several new singles in the last two years, including "Nematomorpha" (2020), "Kursi Goyang" (2021) and "Mangu" (2022).