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Asep 'Nuwi' Nurohman

Together with Ari Lesmana, Nuwi is an important figure behind Fourtwnty's success.

Asep Nurohman or familiarly called Nuwi is a musician who is popular as the guitarist of the band Fourtwnty.

Long before joining Fourtwnty, Nuwi had undergone twists and turns in his career as a musician. From being a 'street musician' to becoming a session musician for several singers. Nuwi did this for some time, until he met Robi and Ari.

Initially, Nuwi and Ari were bandmates before Fourtwnty, when Nuwi was the bassist. Ari has been friends with Robi and Roots for a long time. After returning from Robi's tour with Geisha, they gathered in a place, got together and ended up singing. Robi's intention to record a song arose, until finally on April 20, 2010, they recorded their first song under the Fourtwnty banner entitled "Hitam Putih".

Once a year since 2010, they have been recording their singles at a studio in Tebet called Lavoice. In 2011 they recorded "Aku Tenang" followed by "Argument Dimensi" in 2013 and "Diskusi Senja". These four songs were followed by songs recorded and then wrapped up in a debut album titled Lelaku. The album was released independently in 2015 by inviting cooperation with distributor Demajors.

Starting from the distribution assistance of the Demajors team, their album was increasingly recognized until one time by Visinema, one of the film production houses contacted them to offer to fill the soundtrack for a film entitled Filosofi Kopi. They were asked to prepare one song outside the album.

In one of the moments when they were hanging out while jamming at Coffeewar, one of the coffee shops in East Kemang, a song titled "Comfort Zone" was created which was eventually used in the movie Filosofi Kopi.
Along with the popularity of the movie Filosofi Kopi in the market, the song "Zona Nyaman" and Fourtwnty's name are increasingly recognized by the public to this day.