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Ayunda Faza Maudya

Maudy Ayunda

Singer, songwriter, activist and actress whose name is famous in the country's music scene.

Since 2005, the singer with the full name Ayunda Faza Maudya has been in the music industry with many songs she has been singing and writing, all of which are compiled in three albums & soundtracks, including Panggil Aku ... (2011), Moments (2015) and Oxygen (2018) as well as a collection of singles and mini albums released since then until now.

Although previously known as a singer and actress, turns out that her songwriting skills are also worth appreciating. The Oxygen album released in 2018 is her evidence as a songwriter. Almost most of this album was written by herself.

Departing from Oxygen, in the years afterward, Maudy was quite consistent in writing her own songs. Some of her works are collected in the mini album My Hidden Collection and The Hidden Tapes Vol.1 and several other works released in 2021.