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David Bayu Danangjaya

There're few of singers with a distinctive voice in the Indonesian music scene, one of them is David Bayu

The man born on August 29, 1976 is known for his involvement in the band Naif as a vocalist and songwriter.

David Bayu started his education as a student at the Jakarta Institute of Arts in 1994. It was there that he met his college friends Mohammad "Emil" Amil Hussein (bass, keyboard, vocals), Fajar "Jarwo" Endra Taruna / Mr. J (guitar, vocals), Franki "Pepeng" Indrasmoro Sumbodo (drums, percussion, vocals) and Chandra (keyboard) who agreed to establish the band Naif on October 22, 1995.
With Naif, David Bayu succeeded with 7 studio albums, 1 The Best album, 2 non-studio albums, 1 children album and 1 live album from 1998-2017.

Apart from being with Naif, David Bayu is also involved in a solo project under the DVD Boy moniker with keyboardist Krisna Prameswara. This solo project successfully released a self titled debut album in 2008.

David Bayu himself is known for his distinctive voice, a blend of crooner style with vintage Indonesian pop sound. In 2021, David Bayu officially resigned from Naif. In 2022, David Bayu officially had a solo career and released his first studio album titled Di Dalam Jiwa.