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Dewi Lestari

The RectroVerso album successfully launched Dewi Lestari as Indonesia's most popular songwriter.

Although Dewi Lestari is often known as a novelist, the singer who is familiarly called Dee has been popular since the 90s when she joined the trio Rida Sita Dewi.

Together with this trio, Dewi Lestari scored success with several albums and hit singles that they released from 1995 - 2002. One of the classic albums is Antara Kita released in 1995 which produced the hit "Antara Kita". Some of the albums released later were Bertiga (1997) and Satu (1999). Towards the end of 2002, RSD packaged its best songs into The Best of Rida Sita Dewi album with the addition of two new songs, namely "Ketika Kau Jauh" created by Stephan Santoso/Inno Daon and "Terlambat Bertemu", by Yovie Widianto.

After leaving RSD, the sister of musician Arina Ephipania (vocalist of Mocca) started her solo career in 2006, marked by an English-language album titled Out Of Shell and RectoVerso in 2008. It was this Rectoverso album that finally raised Dewi Lestari's name again because of the hit single titled "Malaikat Juga Tahu", a single she wrote and sang with the late musician Glenn Fredly. In this album, Dee also re-released Marcell Siahan's song "Firasat".