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Eross Candra

For two decades, Eross Candra's guitar playing has become a signature sound that characterizes Indonesian popular music.

For two decades, Eross Candra has been an integral part of the band from Jogja.

Together with Sheila on 7, Eross contributed hit songs that he wrote in many Sheila on 7 albums from the beginning of his career to this day. Eross' flexible guitar playing and catchy pop licks have become a signature that fans remember to this day.

Apart from Sheila on 7, Eross once had a music group project called Jagostu. The music project fronted by Eross, Brian Kresna Putro (drums - Sheila on 7's drummer until 2022), Alam (bass) and Helmi (vocals) released an album titled Jagostu which was released on February 4, 2007 under the Sony Music label. The album spawned the singles "Ampun DJ" & "Mau Tak Mau".

Apart from being with Sheila on 7, as a songwriter, Eross has also created many songs for movie soundtracks. "30 Hari Mencari Cinta" and "Gie" are two movies whose soundtracks were composed by Eross. In addition, Eross is also involved in songwriting for several other musicians, including Memes, Rio Febrian, and Tasya. Eross also helped in creating the song "Menghapus Jejakmu" popularized by Peterpan (now NOAH).

As a guitarist, Eross himself also has a career as a solo musician and made his debut album Forbidden Knowledge in 2016 and a single entitled "Jangan Sendirian" in 2021.