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Febrian Nindyo Purbowiseso

Febrian is a musician and songwriter who is popular for his hit songs in HIVI!

The musician who is popularly known as Febrian HIVI! cannot be separated from the group HIVI! which he has been involved in since 2009 until today. As a guitarist, he wrote hit songs from two albums released by HIVI!

His musical talent has been honed since he majored in Music Production & Management at Pelita Harapan University. Febrian began his professional journey in the music industry when he joined HIVI! in 2009 and was involved in all songwriting including the hit songs sung by HIVI!

HIVI! has received several awards during their career, from Spotify chart rankings to music awards in Indonesia.

Febrian is known as a songwriter with catchy language and melodies, some of his material is not only found in HIVI! The 1992-born musician also wrote songs for several young singers, from Naura Ayu, Ghea Indrawari, Tasya Kamila including the Arsy project and Yovie Widianto for the "Ruang Tengah Indonesia" music project.