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Feby Putri

Through the song "Runtuh", Feby Putri's name became widely known in the country's music industry.

Before being recognized widely, Feby Putri was a musician and songwriter who often wrote and released her own works through Bync Records, an independent label that she founded in 2019.

Before that, since high school, Feby was often active as a musician and content creator covering songs on Youtube. One of the songs she covered, "Celengan Rindu" by Fiersa Besari, was a hit with more than 60 million views.

In 2019 she released her first single, "Halu" which gained success with more than 46 million views on Youtube and more than 100 million plays on Spotify.

But it was "Runtuh" that brought Feby Putri's name to the top of success. It was because of this song that she wrote with Fiersa Besari that she received wider appreciation in the country's music industry. The song "Runtuh" itself has been played more than 180 million times on the Spotify.

The success of "Halu" and "Runtuh" led him to an inaugural tour in 23 cities in Indonesia followed by the release of a debut album titled Riuh in 2022. The album was a success with tens of millions of streams for two other singles such as "Liar Angin" and "Usik".

Until 2023, Feby continued to write and release her songs in digital format which were compiled in a mini album titled 2016.