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Ferdy Kusuma Tahier

Ferdy is a songwriter who is also the heart and soul of the band called Element.

Together with Element, we hear Ferdy's mili character vocal sound in Element's second album titled Kupersembahkan Nirwana (2001). The album successfully scored the hit singles "Kupersembahkan Nirwana", "Pergilah Adinda" and "Bukan Orang Suci". The album also won a Golden Award from their label, Universal Music for achieving album sales above 100 thousand CDs at that time. Besides being released in Indonesia, Element's second album was also released in the Malaysian market.

Outside of Element, Ferdy also created a sideproject band called Rocker Kasarunk in 2010. The band was popular with the single "Bisa Gila". Ferdy also tried to have a solo career by releasing the single "Cinta Selamatkanku".

Joining Element, Ferdy became part of Element's best albums released, including Kupersembahkan Nirwana (2001), Paradoks (2002), Dialog (2004), Resonance (2005), Neo Resonance (2006), Terang (2008), Save The Best For Last (2014). Element's return after a hiatus gave birth to the albums New World Resonance (2021) and LIVErsion (2022). Ferdy is still active as a vocalist and songwriter in Element.