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Fiersa Besari

Singer, poet and lyricist, all in one musician named Fiersa Besari.

Fiersa Besari is a novelist, youtuber, singer, songwriter and musician known for her voice and songs that are generally played in acoustic format. With a distinctive poetic style of speech, her songs are often favored as well as memorized sung by her fans at every concert that is made.

As a complex person, Fiersa benefits from having many fans. She has published six novels in her writing career. As a YouTuber, she is the Youtuber with 3.1 million subscribers. As a musician and songwriter, she has produced 7 albums since 2012 and several singles.
Fiersa Besari's career professionally in music when she released "Melangkah Tanpamu" From there, she then released the album 11:11 in 2012. A debut album that six years later was turned into a book, an approach that could only be done by a musician as smart as Fiersa.