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Franky Hediakto

Franky Hediakto is the founder of the band Ungu as well as a songwriter in the early career of this influential band in the country.

The guitarist, popularly called Ekky, may not be as popular as Ungu's personnel are to this day. But he is the founder of the most influential band in the country.

Ekky is the guitarist who first gathered several people to play in a band that later became the forerunner of Ungu. There were many ups and downs until finally the first formation was formed, namely Pasha, Ekky, Enda, Makki, Gatot and Rowman and gave birth to the first album, Laguku (2002).

On Laguku, Ekky wrote all the material on the album, including the hit singles "Bayang Semu", "Laguku" and “Jika Itu Yang Terbaik”. The album sold more than 150,000 copies within 2 years, earning Ungu a Platinum Award. From this album, Ungu's career skyrocketed and became the most respected band in the music industry at that time.

After leaving Ungu, Ekky formed a band with former Ungu personnel, from Michael (vocals), Gatz (keyboard) and Pasha (drummer) called D'Pop Pie. They re-released the single "Bayang Semu" written by Ekky. In addition, Ekky is also active in writing several songs from other singers, one of whom is Lio Wairara.