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Hendro 'Saky' Setiawan

Master songwriter Hendro 'Saky' Setiawan is closely associated with the world of dangdut music.

Hendro 'Saky' Setiawan is known as a well-known dangdut songwriter, known for his songs that have successfully lifted and popularized a series of dangdut singers.

Hendro himself is known as the judge of D'Academy, a talent search show for dangdut talent, which was attended by 20 participants from 4 countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Darussalam. In addition, he is also often invited as a judge for the Dangdut Songwriting Competition and other song competitions.

Some of his famous songs are "Tirani" popularized by Lesti Kejora. This song is trending on many social media and generates a tremendous amount of streaming on streaming services. Another song "Egois" popularized by MIra Putri also received high appreciation in the dangdut music scene.