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Indra Prasta

An active musician and songwriter whose entire work adorns his life journey with The Rain.

Indra Prasta's name cannot be separated from the band The Rain. The band, which he formed in 2001, has given birth to many hit songs from many albums written and released throughout more than two decades of existence.

Indra's singing talent has been forged since he first started playing in a band in the first grade of high school. The singer, who was born
in Pekanbaru in 1980, then moved to Jogja to continue his education.

In Jogja, Indra was introduced to his three best friends, Iwan Tanda, Ipul Bahri and Aang Anggoro who later became his bandmates in The Rain.

Together with The Rain, Indra is also known as a popular songwriter and is attached to his fans from time to time. A series of hit songs include "Terlatih Patah Hati", "Dengar Bisikmu", "Jangan Pergi", Terima Kasih Karena Kau Mencintiku", "Gagal Bersembunyi" and many more. The Rain's songs, most of which were written by Indra, adorned the 7 studio albums he worked on with his friends from then until today.

These songs also often gain many awards and nominations from AMI Awards, HAI Music Awards, Indonesian Choice Awards and many more.

The Rain itself is a band that remains strong and exists in the midst of an increasingly dynamic and changing music industry. Even when they lost their contract with a major label, they were still confident to go with the label they founded, Heavy Rain Records, which keeps The Rain running to this day.

Through Heavy Rain Records, The Rain tried an experiment they titled November 18 Trilogy, a project where they released a single every November 18 every year. Three new singles were born from this experiment, namely "Terlatih Patah Hati" (2013), "Gagal Bersembunyi" (2014) and "Penawar Letih" (2015).

The estuary of this trilogy experiment is Jabat Erat, their independent debut album released in 2016 followed by album Mereka Bilang Kita Terjebak Bersamareleased in 2022.