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Iyan 'Boyan' Sopiyan

Iyan Sopiyan

Iyan Sopian or Boyan is an important figure in the hit songs of the group La Luna.

He is an important name in the journey of the band La Luna. The drummer from Bandung who is familiarly called Boyan is the songwriter and composer of a series of La Luna hits that have been successfully received by Indonesian music lovers, some of which include "Lara Hati", "Selepas Kau Pergi", "Sesali Sejak Dulu", and "Membekas Di Hati" and dozens of other works.

Releasing 8 record albums, the quartet originally fronted by Boyan with Manik (vocals), Uti (Guitar) and Erwin (bass) has been known for years as a band with easy listening pop music with romantic lyrics.