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Kin Aulia

Musician, songwriter, producer and music director who is popular for being the guitarist and vocalist of The Fly.

With The Fly, Kin who graduated from the Musician Institute (MI) in Hollywood, has tasted the salt of the Indonesian music industry for more than two decades.

Kin is responsible for most of the songs, both lyrics and music of The Fly. This is reflected in the six albums that The Fly has released, including several singles until the latest "Let The Music Play" in 2022.

Kin himself is known as an idealist musician. In the midst of changing music dynamics, especially with the wave of "Pop Melayu" music that spread in the 2000s, Kin remained committed to his chosen musical path, as evidenced by the albums released from 2002 to 2007 featuring music that was more progressive and experimental.

Apart from The Fly, Kin is also active in other music projects with T.A.N.K, a supergroup fronted by top musicians, from Tyo Nugros, Ariyo Wahab and Noey.