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Mohammad Amil Hussein

Emil Hussein is an important figure in the Naif band group as well as a characterful songwriter.

The man who is called Emil is known as the bassist of the band Naif. Together with Naif, the band that he founded in 1995 with David, Pepeng, Jarwo and Chandra has spawned music albums and dozens of hit songs that are remembered to this day.

Born in Jakarta on August 25, 1973, Emil's musical talent has been there since childhood. He was already 'aware' of the recording process, recognizing the types of sound and technicalities of arranging songs even though he never received formal music education. His circle of friends and uncle were his biggest musical contributions.

He first started writing songs and playing in bands when Emil was in the second grade of high school, but he first entered the music industry in 1992. At that time, one of his songs entitled "Flamenco" was considered by one of the Granada Record record companies to be performed by senior musician Hari Mukti and arranged by legendary musician Jopie Item. From there, Emil's talent was further honed when he began to be involved in making several advertising jingles and several demos with musicians who were members of bands intending to penetrate the recording kitchen.

Emil's professional music career became more apparent when he was in college. At that time, Naif, the band he formed with David, Pepenk, Jarwo and Candra, managed to get a contract with Indo Semar Sakti. Emil handled all the process, from negotiation, contract and production of Naif's album recording.

Emil himself is known as a bassist with a simple yet vintage style of playing. This can be seen in some of NAIF's hits from "Mobil Racing", "Piknik 72", "Posesif" and many more.

Aside from being the bassist, Emil also acts as Naif's songwriter. Some of the songs he wrote and arranged are "Air Dan Api", "Nyali", "Because You're Only One", "Gula Gula", "Voor Moeder", "Pujaan Hati", "Cinta Untuknya", "Televisi", etc.

Besides writing Naif's songs, Emil also wrote songs for other singers. Some of them are Ari Lasso, Nina Tamam, Audy, etc. In addition, he also made some music-scoring and music illustration for some national movies, including Pintu Terlarang made by Joko Anwar, 2009 and the movie The Wedding & Bebek Betutu.