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Patrick Effendy

Behind the popularity of Coboy Junior, there is Patrick Effendy as a creative figure in it.

In the music world, Patrick Effendy is known as the producer and songwriter of the children's vocal group Coboy Junior. The vocal group fronted by Aldi, Kiki, Bastian and Iqbaal was formed by Patrick Effendy in 2011. In the golden hands of Patrick Effendy, Patrick Coboy Junior, which was later abbreviated as CJR, became the best vocal group and was favored among children and teenagers thanks to their singles "Eeaaa" and "Kamu".

The 1983-born songwriter wrote all of Coboy Junior's songs in their albums titled CJR (2013) and Better (2015).

In the hands of Patrick Effedy, Coboy Junior also won many awards including Kid's Choice Awards, not to mention the AMI Awards. Patrick Effendy was also named the best Children's Songwriter at the AMI Awards.

Not only Coboy Junior, Patrick is also popular as a producer and songwriter of his new vocal group, UN1TY. The vocal group, which was formed in 2019 and contains 8 members, is popular with singles written by Patrick Effendy entitled "Coba Cintaku" and "Satu". The single "Coba Cintaku" made it to 43rd place on Billboard Indonesia Top 100 a month after its release date and 19th place on Langit Musik Top 50 in January 2020 edition. Meanwhile, "Satu" was ranked 4th on the Indonesia 20 edition 15 by I-Radio Jakarta. Several singles were released after that and also received appreciation from many listeners. Some of these singles were written with many interesting themes, including "Terbunuh Sepi", the fourth single written by Patrick Effendy with Ifa Fachir, which has an interesting theme, namely about loneliness and inferiority complex of adolescents caused by anxiety and depression that causes adolescents not to believe in themselves.

In the hands of Patrick Effendy, the music group that launched its debut album, In Diversity, also received international recognition by becoming a Top Requested Artist on one of the American MTV programs entitled Friday Livestream. In addition, UN1TY also received an exclusive interview from a Brazilian Star radio by introducing the group to listeners there.