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Roby Satria

Robby Satria's figure is important in Geisha's career, but even more so in Fourtwnty's group journey.

Robby Satria is a musician known as the guitarist of the band Geisha. Roby was born in Pekanbaru, Riau on May 13, 1986. Roby is known as a musician who writes almost all of Geisha's songs. In addition, he is also known as a music producer in the band Fourtwnty.

His name in the country's music industry began in 2003 when he formed the band Geisha with Momo, Nard, Dhan and Aan. After winning the A Mild Wanted competition in 2007, Geisha was contracted by record company Musica Studios and released her debut album titled Anugerah Terindah in 2009. The album spawned the hit single "Jika Cinta Dia".

Following the success of the single. Geisha also released other singles that were also popular, namely, "Tak Kan Pernah Ada", "Selalu Salah" and "Kamu Yang Pertama".

In 2011, Roby Satria's works were again born through Geisha's second album entitled Meraih Bintang. This album was successful with the guitar single "Cinta dan Benci" which successfully dominated the champion position on several radio stations in the country.

But from a series of Roby's works in Geisha, one of the most hit was the single "Lumpuhkanlah Ingatanku". The single in Geisha's third album, Bersinar Terang in 2014 succeeded in delivering Geisha to win 4 Indonesian Music Award (AMI) awards.

Apart from being Geisha's guitarist, Roby Satria is also known as a producer in the band Fourtwnty, fronted by Ari, Nuwi and Roots. The band, which was initiated by Roby in 2010, has been successful in the national music scene through their hit songs.

Apart from Fourtwnty, Roby is also involved as a producer in a group called Caesaria. This band was formed in 2020. The band, which is fronted by 3 personnel namely Arin, Roby and Supernova, debuted with a single titled "Little Old Man".