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Rusyaedi Makmun

Rusyaedi "Ady" Makmun is a name that is inseparable from the career of the band NaFF. The former vocalist of NaFF has been the life of this band for a long time.

Ady's career as a musician began in 1998, when he sent a pile of demos of his songs to his friend's studio in Bandung.

Capitalizing on the demo songs, Ady then formed NaFF with three other personnel namely Ade (guitar), Odeu (bass), and Hilal (drums).

In the band, Ady acted as the 'motor' and wrote about 90% of NaFF's songs from the beginning of their existence until 2010. Some of the hit singles he wrote were "Bila Kau Jatuh Cinta", "Kau Masih Kekasihku", and "Akhirnya Ku Menemukanmu".

In early 2010, Ady ended his journey with Naff by resigning from the band that had raised his name.

Apart from being with NaFF, Ady is also an active musician with a solo career. He has released 5 studio albums from 2005 to 2021.

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