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Behind Ungu's success is Pasha's golden voice that has characterized the band for a long time.

Pasha has had a professional career in music since 1999 when he joined the band Ungu in 1996 replacing the previous vocalist. Together with Ungu, Pasha made his debut as a professional vocalist on the singles "Flowers" and "Hasrat" which were included in a compilation titled CLICK released by Warner Music Indonesia. Making dozens of studio albums and singles released for release as well as for compilation needs, Pasha made his debut album with Ungu titled My Song (2022), followed by other albums until 2015, Pasha gained success from the Ungu albums which he sang and wrote, including a row of religious albums that are often played during the month of Ramadan.

Pasha is known as a vocalist with a high voice range and clear and seductive vocals. Some of the songs sung by Pasha became the hallmark of Ungu's music, including "For the Time", "Your Dark Lover" including his hit religious songs "Andai Ku Tahu" and "With Your Breath". On February 17 2016, Pasha took a break from Ungu and then returned in 2021. After Pasha's return to Ungu, the album Ungu was released in 2022. Apart from being with Ungu, Pasha is also known as a solo singer and producer.

In September 2020, Pasha released his debut album titled Above the Sky. While his work as a producer began in 2011 when he became a producer for the local music group Duo Yangseku.