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Sinna Sherina Munaf

Sherina Munaf is a singer, songwriter and music composer who is popular for the songs she writes and performs.

Her musical career has started since she was young. The daughter of musician Triawan Munaf and niece of legendary musician Fariz Rustam Munaf, Sherina Munaf even had her first album titled Andai Besar Nanti (1999). At that time she appeared as a singer who performed Elfa Secioria's songs. This success cannot be separated from the musical movie she starred in, The Adventure of Sherina, which also featured several songs sung by Sherina. Before Sherina finally took a hiatus from the music industry, she released an album titled My Life in 2002.

As a teenager, Sherina returned with an album titled Primadona. At that time her music was different from what she presented. In her teenage years, Sherina sharpen her songwriting skills, prove by several songs she wrote for the movie Laskar Pelangi and Ayat-ayat Cinta.

Sherina is known for her unique singing and songwriting style; she has a high octave range and easy-to-digest lyrics that endear her to many listeners.

The Gemini album, which was released when Sherina was approaching adulthood, was the first album where almost all the songs were written by herself, including the hits "Cinta Pertama dan Terakhir", "Simfoni Hitam", and "Pergilah Kau". Her expertise in songwriting continued in subsequent albums until today.