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Yok Koeswoyo

Yok Koeswoyo is an Indonesian music legend who has influenced many generations on the Indonesian music landscape.

The musician whose full name is Koesroyo bin Koeswoyo is known as a musician, especially the bassist of the legendary bands Koes Bersaudara and Koes Plus. Both groups were popular in the 60s and remain famous to this day.

Together with other Koes Brothers and Koes Plus personnel, Yok Koeswoyo wrote and sang pop/rock songs that became popular and evergreen for generations.

Among the famous songs are "Kolam Susu", "Why Do You Love Me", "Tul Jaenak", "Nusantara 3", "Nusantara 5", Nusantara 8 and others.

Yok himself is known for his high range vocals, such as in the songs "Jemu" and "Da, Da, Da" and others. His voice is precise, not falsy. Even when he sings in harmony with Yon Koeswoyo, it becomes a choir that has no equal until now.

After the death of the Koes Plus band members, Yok Koeswoyo is the only member that still alive.