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Yunita Rachman

Yura Yunita is one of the most powerful singers and songwriters Indonesian music has to offer.

Yunita Rachman or popularly called Yura Yunita is known as a singer and songwriter whose name has soared to this day. Through her single titled "Dunia Tipu-Tipu" which has been listened to more than 43 million times today, the name of the singer from Bandung has earned a place on the country's music map.

Born on June 9, 1981, Yura Yunita's love for music began as a child when she started singing and playing the piano. This talent then led her to join the first season of The Voice Indonesia in 2013. Although she did not emerge as the winner, it did not mean that the singer stopped her career.

Yura released her debut album, Yura in 2014. The album, which featured Glenn Fredly as an executive producer, successfully received appreciation from many music listeners in the country, especially with the hit single "Cinta dan Rahasia" featuring the duet of Yura and Glenn Fredly. Eventually, the album was named the Best Indonesian Album by Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine. Yura's name was also chosen as one of the 4 candidates for Best Female Singer by HAI Magazine in 2014.

The second album, Tutur Batin successfully led Yura Yunita to win the AMI Awards as the Best Pop Album in 2019. In the previous two years, Yura first brought home AMI Awards respectively as Best Female Solo Artist and Best Pop Songwriter in 2017 for the song "Intuisi" and Best Pop Female Solo Artist for the single "Harus Bahagia".

Yura Yunita has also received several Indonesian Music Awards and other awards throughout her career as a singer and songwriter.
As a singer and songwriter, Yura is known for songs that have high sensitivity to humanist issues and deep human relationships, more than just ordinary love songs. This is what makes people like Yura not only from her unique vocal character, a blend of soft falsetto and strong powerhouse voice but also her ability to write and deliver her lyrics to the hearts of her listeners.

So far, Yura has released 3 studio albums, including Yura (2014), Merakit (2019) and Tutur Batin (2021). In addition to "Dunia Tipu-Tipu", the single "Tutur Batin" from her third album is the single with the most streams, which is more than 62 million times.