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Christopher Bollemeyer


Zulqi Lael Ramadhana

Thanks to "Bertaut", Zulqi is a household name in Indonesian popular music.

Zulqi Lael Ramadhana is a musician from Bandung who is known as the guitarist of the music group Syarikat Idola Remaja (SIR). But beyond that, he is a songwriter whose song "Bertaut" became the most popular song when sung by Nadin Amizah.

The song "Bertaut" was written by Zulqi together with Nadin and Mikha Angelo. To this day, "Bertaut" is Nadin's most popular song that has been played almost more than 145 million times.

The strong folk style in "Bertaut" has become Zulqi's own musical style during her career in the music industry.

Zulqi formed Syarikat Idola Remaja in September 201, a supergroup consisting of several Bandung musicians from Dimas Dinar Wijaksana (Mr. Sonjaya, Bendi Harmoni) to Dimas Dinar Wijaksana. Sonjaya, Bendi Harmoni, Bilal Al-Wahid), Dwi Kartika Yudhaswara (Nada Fiksi, Nil Saujana), Arum Tresnaningtyas (Tetangga Pak Gesang), Sendy Novia, Fariz Alwan (Parahyena), Yaya Risbaya (Mr. Sonjaya), Ferry Nurhayat (Tulus' keyboardist), Zulqi and soloist Jon Kastella. The group, which plays in the color of folk music, has released 1 EP and 4 singles.

Before joining Syarikat Idola Remaja, Zulqi himself was in a group called Rice Cereal & Almond Cholo where he played clarinet. The group has a hodgepodge musical accent resulting from a mixture of pop, folk and jazz and had released an album in 2019.