Adi Sahrul Hartono

He is known as Adibal, a composer who is active in making songs in dangdut genre. His career began from being a pop singer who had released an album titled Berlayar Di Awan. His introduction to dangdut began when he joined a dangdut boyband named G4UL, where one of the personnel was Saipul Jamil. After releasing 4 albums, Adibal was trusted to work on an album by Erie Suzan, where he became a producer and became the songwriter of all the songs in it. After that he began to be trusted to write works to be performed by the big names, such as Camelia Malik, Denada, Ikke Nurjanah, Iyeth Bustami, Kristina, Nassar, etc. Aside from being a songwriter, Adibal is also known as a vocal coach. His ability to train was seen when he was trusted to be a vocal trainer for all D'Academy participants, a talent search program in dangdut music broadcast by the Indosiar television station.


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