Arya Aditya Ramadhya

Arya Aditya Ramadhya is a musician who familiarly known as Lale, guitar player of Maliq & D'Essentials. Besides known as a personel of the Jakarta based pop jazz band, Lale also known through his works with Laleilmanino, a songwriter project which formed with Ilman (keyboardist of Maliq & D'Essentials) and Nino (vocalist of RAN). Laleilmanino has wrote a lot of songs which performed by lot of Indonesian top singers. Some of their works are, Sama-Sama Tahu and Siapkah Kau Tuk Jatuh Cinta Lagi (HiVi!), Hanya Engkau Yang Bisa and Sebelah Mata (Armand Maulana), Pelita (Andien), Jangan (Marion Jola), and many more.


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