Cep Ersa Eka Susila Satia

Cep Ersa Eka Susila Satia was originally not a songwriter. He is a teacher at Singajaya Junior High School 2, which can be called the person who played the most role behind the success of Voice Of Baceprot (VoB), a young metal band from South Garut, West Java. Thanks to his role, Euis, Widi and Firdha are now becomes newcomer rock musicians who have received the attention of many music lovers in Indonesia.

Abah, as Cep Ersa used to be called, initially was a counseling teacher at the school where Euis, Widi and Fidha studied. At that time, he tried to find a way to approach children so as not to fall into the wrong way. Abah then opened music extracurricular activities which he said at the time had the support of the principal who turned out to be a music lover. Not only from the school principal, the teachers also gave support by being present every time VoB performed.

Now Abah has more duties, namely to escort the VoB in all their activities, from performing, interviewing, to helping in writing their songs. Cep Ersa contributed to the writing of lyrics in VoB songs, such as The Enemy of Earth Is You, Jalan Kebenaran, You Never Walk Alone, and many more.


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