Charita Utamy

Charita Utamy or Tamy is known by the frontlady of Midnight Quickie, an electronic music group that contains herself with Irsan Ramadhan (DJ & Producer). Related with her position as a singer, she is very concerned about every word she will write and sing. Her references as a writer in writing the lyrics of the song also varied. But the music genre can also affect the style of writing. For her, making the lyrics between easy and difficult. Due to the less common use of Bahasa Indonesia in EDM music, she was thinking of wearing a match good rhyme in the songs that will be played. The results can be listened in songs on Midnight Quickie’s 2014 debut album, Being Bad Feels Good, which received a remarkable reception, especially from lovers of EDM music. Their single, Derap Langkah, was awarded with the first rank of various charts on many Indonesian radios.

In 2017 Midnight Quickie released several singles in the same year, which is Be Free, Getaway (in collaboration with Bleu Clair) and Bersamamu Bahagia (in collaboration with Osvaldorio). Those songs are also getting a lot of attention from the music lovers in Indonesia, where Charita Utamy also plays an important role in writing the lyrics.


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