Dewi Lestari

Dewi Lestari is known as Dee Lestari. She started her career in the music industry as a songwriter, singer and one of the members of a vocal group from Bandung, Rida Sita Dewi, since the early 90s until now. In songwriting, Dee is a very influential figure. Brilliant language is one of her characters in writing. It can be seen from her appreciated works, some of them like Firasat (Marcell), Malaikat Juga Tahu (Dewi Lestari - Glenn Fredly), Perahu Kertas (Maudy Ayunda) dan Kali Kedua (Raisa). Besides of being famous in the music world, Dee Lestari is also very well known as a very productive writer.

Her works are very well known and have a great influence in the world of writing. But her most unique work is Rectoverso. Rectoverso is the first hybrid work between music, film and literature in Indonesia, which is an expression of her talents in three worlds. Eleven stories in Rectoverso's book reflecting eleven songs from Rectoverso's album, which were made into five short films from five stories directed by five female directors.



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