Dimas Satya Darmawan

Starting the musical career in a band as a drummer, Dimas Satya Darmawan or the familiary called Dimbo trying to work in various music genres, starting from pop, alternative, to progressive rock. After his journey in his band stopped, Dimbo started his career as a songwriter, composer and arranger. But that's what makes him now a DJ and producer.

After being a songwriter and producer, Dimbo met and worked with many Indonesian artists and musicians. One of the things that happened to him in writing the song is in early 2016, where he released a single called Bukan Cinta Sesaat, where he collaborated with a singer named Nicky. Bukan Cinta Sesaat has also been sung by Gwen Priscilla and used as a commercial for Pertalite, but with some changes. The title of the song was changed to Melaju Lebih Jauh and the lyrics were adjusted to represent Pertalite as a brand of great fuel for vehicles at affordable prices for all levels of society.

In addition to working with Nicky and Gwen Priscilla, Dimbo also co-wrote several works performed by several performers, such as Aku Kamu Dia (The Fatima), Holding On (Lightcraft) and Take It Easy (Ardina Rasti x RROB).



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