Erik Partogi Siagian

At first glance we will see him as the most mysterious person in SamSonS. But it changed when we were involved in a conversation with him. Especially if it’s about video games and Star Wars. Erik was known since long ago as a fan of George Lucas's science fiction film. Star Wars is a series of films with storyline and imaginative character depictions. This ultimately affects him in writing songs or composing his guitar compositions. Full of imagination.

His mindset that full of imagination can be seen in his guitar performance. Choosing unusual sound and unusual guitar pattern are some of the surplus and a plus point that he got as a musician. As a songwriter, Erik's imaginative works can be listened to in several SamSonS songs, such as Enyah (SAMSONS, 2009) and Atlantis (Perihal Besar, 2013).


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