Hasief Ardiasyah Fadhol Arovah

He is well known among musicians as a journalist and editor in a music magazine. Besides being known as a journalist, Hasief is also known for his unique hobby. Collecting a set list / song list from every local and international artist or band concert that he attended. He has done this hobby since 2001 and not counted how many songlists he has kept up to now.

Besides the two things above, many don't know if Hasief is also a songwriter. Hasief was the lyricist for two songs that under our management. He wrote the lyrics of a song entitled Your Girlfriend Has a Mustache that was performed by Monday Math Class in their first album Volume 1, which was released in 2014. In addition to Monday Math Class, Hasief also wrote lyrics for a song performed by The Adams in B Release album in 2017, entitled Won’t Be Easy.


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