Hendra Suhendra

Hendra who is familiarly called Indra is a songwriter who is well known as The Titans' bassist. The February 13th born musician formed The Titans at the end of 2006 with Andika Naliputra, where they both once joined as a personnel of Peterpan (now Noah). The Titans name is derived from the ancient Greek mythology of the 12 gigantic gods, sons of Uranus God of the sky, who ruled the earth before the era of the gods of Olympus.

The Titans released their first album in April 2007 titled The Titans. Contains 11 songs, with the main song written by Indra, Rasa Ini dan Bila. The album was quite successful in the market, therefore they won the Platinum Awards by EMI Music Indonesia. In 2008, The Titans released their second album titled, Melayang Lagi. This album contains 10 songs with the hits Jangan Sakiti written by Indra. Then their third album, DTTIII released in 2010 which also contains 10 songs with the hits Rasa Cinta and Cukup Sudah, which is also still written by Indra.


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