Ilham Febri, who is familiarly called Pepep, may be better known as a drummer in a Bandung based group, ST12, rather known as a songwriter. With his unique open handed drumming style, his figure automatically influences many young drummers in Indonesia. But who would have thought, if Pepep, who was very well known as a drummer, was also known as a songwriter. Many do not know if Pepep pays a great contribution to the songwriting of some of the best works popularized by ST12. Songs like Aku Masih Sayang, Aku Tak Sanggup Lagi (ATSL), Jalan Terbaik and Rasa Yang Tertinggal are some of ST12’s biggest hits which were also composed by him. Until now, Pepep still continues to play and write songs, has produced six studio albums and several singles with his band that has been active since 2004.


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