Irfan Aulia

Irfan Aulia is a guitarist and the main songwriter in SamSonS. His musical career started in Farabi music school in South Jakarta, where he studied guitar with a jazz maestro named Oele Pattiselano. In Farabi, Irfan who was born in Jakarta, April 26 1983 ,also met a drummer named Adjie Maulana, who continued with the idea of ​​making a band. Adjie introduced Irfan with some of his musicians colleagues, one of them is Bambang Reguna Bukit, a percussionist who later became his vocalist in SamSonS. Long story short, SamSonS was formed after previously used the name Equal and The Samsons, with the formation of Bams, Irfan, Erik, Aldri and Konde who was recently joined to replace Adjie as a drummer. Irfan writes many everlasting songs performed by SamSonS which get a lot of appreciation in Indonesian music industry, such as Kenangan Terindah, Naluri Lelaki, Kisah Tak Sempurna, Luluh, Di Ujung Jalan and Tuhan Tak Pernah Salah.


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