Mohamad Rishad

Known as Rishad Marciano, a young musician who has a photography hobby that also known for his performance as one of the guitarists in an alternative rock unit from Jakarta called Ringgo 5. In song writing, Rishad contributed a lot to the writing of the works performed by Ringgo 5 , like Forever, Promise, Best Heartbreak, Outro: From Me To You, and some other songs.

Formed on May 15, 2015, Ringgo 5 released their first EP entitled Tell Me which was ranked 9th on iTunes Indonesia for several weeks. From the 4-song album, Ringgo 5's first single, Tell Me, was released to YouTube and received lot of positive reactions. On August 25, 2017, Ringgo 5 released their debut album entitled Emotion. This album depicts teenage love stories and other teenage behavior, with songs such as Best Heartbreak, Promise, and It's You.


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