Oxavia Aldiano

He is well known by the name Vidi Aldiano, a male solo singer on the Indonesian music scene whose skyrocketed after recycle a song written by Keenan Nasution entitled Nuansa Bening.

In November 2008, Vidi launched his debut album, Pelangi di Malam Hari. This album was very accepted by the public, especially after he released his main single entitled Status Palsu. In this album Vidi also recycles a song that was previously popularized by Sheila Madjid, Cinta Jangan Kau Pergi.

Vidi also contributed in writing some of the songs he performed. Some can be listened to in his first mini album entitled Dunia Baru. In the mini album released in 2013, Vidi co-wrote several songs such as Di Bawah Langit Ibukota, Kisah Kita dan Apakah Ku Jatuh Cinta.

In addition to Dunia Baru, Vidi has released four albums so far, such as Pelangi Di Malam Hari (2008), Lelaki Pilihan (2009), Yang Kedua (2011) and Persona (2016).


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