R. Andra Junaidi

He is better known by the name of Andra Ramadhan and his journey in Indonesian music is something good to know. He started his career with the supegroup Dewa 19 in the early 90s and continued with Andra and The Backbone in the mid 2000s. His journey as a musician and songwriter is an interesting thing to note.

Andra admitted late to know music. His introduction to new music occurred while he was in junior high school through the extracurricular program. At the first he wanted to be a drummer, but because the cost to buy drums is quite expensive, plus after seeing his friends getting fun while playing the guitar, his aim were changed. With a guitar he borrowed, he started learning guitar. Because of his natural talent, his skills and techniques are growing rapidly. It was during these days that Andra met with Dhani, Wawan and Erwin, who continued with their agreement to form a band by the name of Dewa19, who had played several genres of music such as jazz and rock.

Success with Dewa19, does not necessarily reduce one of his wishes that had not yet been achieved. Make a solo album. Pieces by pieces he wrote songs for his solo album project. But since Dewa19's schedule was tight, then the work of his solo album got delayed. Until in 2006 when Dewa19's schedule not too dense, Andra finally start seriously to produce it. Long before, Andra met with Stevie Morley Item who at that time plays as additional player Dewa19. Feeling fit with Stevie's playing style, Andra also offered to Stevie to join the project. They like having the same mission and vision in terms of music. In the same year, they met with Deddy Lisan, a journalist with a unique voice.

After that, a new chapter began the Andra Ramadhan musical journey, along with Andra And The Backbone and their works on Andra And The Backbone - selftitled (2007), Season 2 (2008), Love, Faith & Hope (2010) and IV (2012).


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