Rhein Michael

With curly hair which sometimes in colors, Rhein became a young and different musician, that known for his appearance as one of the guitarists in an alternative rock unit from Jakarta, Ringgo 5. In songwriting, Rhein contributed to the creation of songs that performed by Ringgo 5, such as Fool For You, Promise, Intro: Emotion, and several other songs.

Formed on May 15, 2015, Ringgo 5 released their first EP entitled Tell Me which was ranked 9th on iTunes Indonesia for several weeks. From the 4-song album, Ringgo 5's first single, Tell Me, was released to YouTube and received lot of positive reactions. On August 25, 2017, Ringgo 5 released their debut album entitled Emotion. This album depicts teenage love stories and other teenage behavior, with songs such as Best Heartbreak, Promise, and It's You.


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