Ricardo Bisuk Juara Siahaan

Ricky Siahaan is a musician and composer who we know through his performance with a high-octane rock unit, Seringai. There is an interesting thing in his appearance with Seringai, which is how to play the rhythm with the pattern and sound that has been set in such a way that it becomes a treat of rock music with character. Indeed, Ricky's guitar sound is one of the identity of Seringai that tends to heavy plus a little flavour of old school metal. Check out some songs like Tragedi, Akselerasi Maksimum, Dilarang Di Bandung and Psikedelia Diskodoom which is enough to represent Ricky Siahaan's musical character. Seringai has so far released three albums, namely Serigala Militia (2007), Taring (2012) and Seperti Api (2018).

Besides known through his performance with Seringai, Ricky is now also known as a manager of an Indonesian action star, Iko Uwais.


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