Aldri Dataviadi

Aldri is a musician and songwriter known as the bassist of the Samsons band. His musical journey began when he was in high school, where he and his friends formed a band called The Rivers, which played songs from his favorite band Weezer.

Entering college, Aldri began seriously in music. To add to his musical knowledge, he studied at Farabi music school. In Farabi, he met Irfan and Adjie (the first drummer of Samsons) who eventually became his musical friends in SamSonS. After going through several formations, Aldri finally drove his way in the music industry with SamSonS by releasing the debut album Naluri Lelaki in 2005.

Aldri also composed a song entitled Transformator, which was in the SamSonS’ fourth album, Perihal Besar


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