Congratulations to Bounty Ramdhan, Boy Tondo and Budskie who are members of Brand New Eyes (BNE), who last night officially released their debut album entitled DREAMLAND. The launch of the album took place at Borneo Beerhouse Kemang, which was packed with music lovers who were enthusiastic about their appearance and the songs in the album.

The launch of the DREAMLAND album was opened with performances from Peraukertas and Sunrise, followed by the main menu that night, the showcase from BNE. Last night BNE performed not alone, but also supported by several well-known Indonesian musicians, such as Aria Baron, Thomas Ramdhan and Kikan, who collaborated performing songs on the DREAMLAND album.

Cool works on the DREAMLAND album can be enjoyed on CD and digital, where the copyright management of the 6 songs on the album is entrusted to us.

Check out the DREAMLAND album in various digital music streaming platforms in the following link:

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