AMI Awards 2018 will be held on the end of this month. As we have previously reported, in this most prestigious music award event in Indonesia there were two of our songwriters who were nominated for the Best Pop Songwriter category.

But there were also three songwriters in the Massive Music family who were nominees at the 2018 AMI Awards. They were Anindyo Baskoro, Arya Aditya Ramadhya and Ilman Ibrahim Isa, three musicians and songwriters who were members of a project songwriter named Leleilmanino.

Besides being famous as a trio of songwriters, Laleilmanino is also known as a trio of producers. That is why at the 2018 AMI Awards they were nominated for the Record Producer and Pop Music Arranger category for their song and work entitled Jangan, performed by Marion Jola.

Laleilmanino was formed around the end of 2013. Their works were sung by many of Indonesia's top singers. In addition to Jangan performed by Marion Jola, Laleilmanino's works are also sung by Armand Maulana (Hanya Engkau Yang Bisa and Sebelah Mata), HiVi! (Sama-Sama Tahu and Pelangi), Vidi Aldiano (Definisi Bahagia), and many more.

Laleilmanino has written dozens of songs performed by many of Indonesia's best singers and groups. Laleilmanino's works can be listened to in various digital music streaming platforms in Indonesia, where copyright management of their works is entrusted to Massive Music.

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