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Posted on 05 April 2023

5 Tips to Be a Good Musician

Check out the 5 basic stages of becoming a good musician

Being a musician is one of the best jobs that some people can't do. Everyone is born with musical talent, but how much of that talent can be honed to become a good and popular musician in the future? We believe that a good talent equipped with good knowledge will make you a professional musician who is ready to enter the music industry.

But first, understand the following 5 tips to become a good musician.

1. Hone your skills in playing musical instruments
Everyone is blessed with the talent to play musical instruments. Therefore, honing your music playing skills is the first obligation you must do to become a good musician. Take a musical instrument course or simply listen to tutorials on Youtube. Choose the best one for you!

2. Make your own song
It's very important for musicians to have their own work. Once you've improved your talent in playing an instrument, it's time to write the words into lyrics and create your own song. There's never a formula for making a song, it all depends on your taste and what instrument to start with.

3. Learn how to record a song
The only simple technique to record a song today is via smartphone. Just attach your smartphone to your instrument, click record and you can record the sound and even video of your own song. But if you want to improve your recording skills, it's easy. Just check out recording tutorials on Youtube if you want to record your own song. Or if you have a little money, you can go to a recording studio.

4. Get more gigs, expand networking
Networking is very important to become a good musician. Hang out at gigs, music talkshows, listening sessions, listen & talk to bands, people and the people who are there. You never know who might come along, maybe if you get a chance to perform, a label might be interested? You'll never know.

5. Find a publisher, manage your song
At the stage where you and your songs have started to be recognized by people, that's when you need a music publisher to protect and manage the copyright of the songs you make, from licensing and music royalties, sources of income and others. A good publisher is a publisher who has the same vision and mission as you. By having a publisher, you can focus on making music without worrying about other things and who knows, publishers will give you many opportunities that can bring in sources of income for you and your music.