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Posted on 05 April 2023

Don't wait for a song to become popular, musicians should list their songs now!

photo doc: ari_lesmana (instagram).

We all know that a song can be popular when many people like your song. When the song is released for the first time, from cassettes or CDs or streaming, there are many people who are willing and competing to buy cassettes, CDs or play your song many times on streaming services.

Today, a song can also be popular when it becomes the soundtrack of a tiktok content or when it is performed by another singer on Youtube. A song can also be popular and explode when it is re-released and performed by another singer.

But whether you realize it or not, a song can also be popular when it is first used as a soundtrack for a movie.

We remember the example of Fourtwnty's "Zona Nyaman". The song, written in 2017, didn't explode until it was used in the movie Filosofi Kopi. Well, from here the song became more popular, the streaming numbers were high. This is where musicians sometimes start registering their songs for protection and further exploitation.

"Zona Nyaman" is not the only songs, there are many that may not be popular yet that can have a chance to be popular when it can be exploited either by movies and so on.

There is an example of Koil's song "Aku Lupa Aku Luka", a song in the album Blacklight (2007), which is not a popular Koil song because it is not part of the main single from the album. Only 11 years later, the song became more popular when it was present as the soundtrack of the movie Wiro Sableng Pendekar Maut Kapak Geni which aired in 2018. Shortly after that, there was a horror movie with the same title as Koil's song, Aku Lupa Aku Luka, which also put Koil's song on the soundtrack.

These two examples prove that even an unpopular song can have a chance for commercial exploitation. From here, the song can actually become more popular than before.

So what are you waiting for, before the song is popular, it's good for musicians to register the song with a publishing company so that your song can be protected and exploited properly and on target.