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Know Your Lisence

Find out the licenses of the songs and musical works you use

The Lisence You Get

Find out the licenses of the songs and musical works you use

For live streaming & VOD

If you're using copyrighted songs for online activation. Peiod is varied up to 12 months

For Cover Songs

If you using copyright songs for cover songs. Period is perpetual.

For reproduce

Permission to reproduce an existing copyrighted song with the opportunity to create a new audio master recording.

For Advertisement

Period, placements, exclusivity are the three most dynamics part of this lisence

For Movies

Lisence to Sync existing copyrighted song for movies. Can be aired in commercial theater or OTT platforms. Period is perpetual.

For TV/Web Series

Can be aired in Digital or OTT Platforms.Period is Perpetual. Rate per episodes.



Creativity is something that has no limit. There is lot that can be gained, from an idea, picture and sound, bridged by creativity and ends up being a creation. Therefore, we make a sound design that suits your product needs

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Data Driven Song Search

We will equip you with our song data, based on our international platform partners. This data will give you insight of how the song perform and how the song can contribute to your project

Flexible Licensing

Choose your placements, durations and even exclusivity to suit your project with a time sensitive approval

Taylor-Made Music Solution

Across genres, across performers, we validate your musical taste

Industry Best Music Producers

Supported by the best talents in the industry, we will give you seamless experience in music production

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