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Abdul Qodir Jaleani

The son of musician Ahmad Dhani, Dul Jaelani is a creative musician who is full of exploration.

Being the son of the senior musician couple Ahmad Dhani and Maya Estianti is an advantage because he is a musician who is thirsty for the search for new experiences in music both in color, ideas and musical expression.

The proof of this is that throughout his musical career as a young man until today, Dul was active in various music groups, from The Lucky Laki, Backdoor and Qodir to his solo project He also actively helped fill the keyboard in his father's group, Dewa19 on tour.

In some of his music projects such as Qodir and his solo project, he wrote almost all the songs in it. Dul himself is a good songwriter with a different expression from his father, although Ahmad Dhani's musical DNA still cannot be separated, but the desire to find new musical gaps and styles is always there and visible.